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"Professional cleaning of Marquees"

Our procedure not only gently and effectively cleans but also impregnates the material and protects it against new stains. Your Marquee looks fresh and clean again!

As Marquee and Stretch Tents have become more popular their size and construction using different materials has become a more technical consideration when the item needs cleaning.

Here at Wash & Waterproof we are used by some of Europe's largest Marquee and Stretch Tent Companies because of our specialist process and chemical knowledge.

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You have a choice:
Send the Marquee to us via a courier or Drop the Marquee off to our factory by prior arrangement

novosail wash your rug

Our washing procedure is very gentle. Our special washing machines take over the cleaning for us. The entire washing process will be accompanied and supervised by us. The temperature is set to a maximum of 30 degrees this is adjusted to suit the information given. Before the actual washing process, you can have the Marquees spot treated for tar, grease, rust, insects and very dirty Marquees can have a pre-soak. We then will use a detergent specifically developed and examined by an independent lab.

novosail impregnate you rug

Finally, the Marquees are rinsed and the waterproofing agent is added.

novosail dry your rug

The cleaned Marquees are then air dried. This saves energy and protects not only the material, but also the environment. We briefly do increase the temperature at the end of the drying cycle to 40 degrees to activate the water proofing agent.

We work closely with an experienced repair loft who would undertake any work effectively and efficiently, we would drop off and collect for your convenience.

Your rug is returned from Novosail

Once cleaned, dried and if desired repaired you can arrange collection.