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"Professional cleaning of high-tech clothing made of Gore Tex, Sympatex, other similar materials."

Our process can be used on many different sectors such as fire brigades, search and rescue, police, military, disaster services, shipping, shipyards and other professions or just your Sunday sailing gear.

The process that we use for cleaning heavy textile work wear was developed in collaboration with specialists from leading manufacturers. None of the treatment products used are harmful to the environment.

The process involves specific treatment of stains, pre-wash and main wash in softened water using special products, e.g. for protecting reflectors, followed by impregnation to make the fabric waterproof and to protect against new stains.

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You have a choice:
Send the clothing to us via a courier or drop the clothing off to our factory

novosail wash your rug

Our washing procedure is very gentle. Four special washing machines take over the cleaning for us. The entire washing process will be accompanied and supervised by us. The temperature is set to a maximum of 30 degrees this is adjusted to suit the clothing.Before the actual washing process, the clothes are spot treated for tar, grease, rust and insects to name a few things. We then will use a detergent specifically developed and examined by an independent lab.

novosail impregnate you rug

Finally, the clothes are rinsed and the waterproofing agent is added

novosail dry your rug

The cleaned cloths are then air dried. This saves energy and protects not only the material, but also the environment. We briefly do increased the temperature at the end of the drying cycle to 40 degrees to activate the water proofing agent.

Your rug is returned from Novosail

We then return cleaned, dried, clothes to you promptly.