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"Cleaning of horse rugs, materials and environmentally friendly, kind to the horses skin and also kills 99.9% of bacteria"

Horse Rugs, saddle pads and other equine textiles are expensive and subject to many different elements such as sweat, dust, hair, manure and soil these are deposited in them and provide the ideal breeding ground for skin fungi and bacteria.

Fungal spores, bacteria and germs are sometimes stubborn and can survive on surfaces for a long time. The consequences for the horse: skin irritation, chafing, or even fungus can cause the horse upset and irritation. This should never get that far and regular cleaning and disinfecting of textiles is essential.

The washing machine at home is usually too small for bulky horse blankets and the commercial laundry products are to specific to be able to clean at home. So here at Wash & Waterproof we have introduced our cleaning service to this industry and have successfully been washing horse textile over the last 3 years. Our cleaning agents can kill 99.9% of all know germs such as struggles, mites and ringworm to name a few.

With us you get the complete package: Thorough cleaning, germ killing and deep impregnation of water proofing. Through our years of experience in the cleaning of special textiles of all kinds, we know how to clean material but at the same time being gently.

All the chemicals we use are regularly test and tried by independent laboratories to determine their environmental and skin compatibility. This is for the sake of our environment and the health of your horse.

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novosail wash your rug

Our washing procedure is very gentle. Our special washing machines take over the cleaning for us. Our machines can accommodate 250 kg of laundry. The entire washing process will be accompanied and supervised by us. The temperature is set to a maximum of 30 degrees. Before the actual washing process, the rugs are soaked to loosen the dirt. We then will use a detergent specifically developed and examined by an independent lab for compatibility with the skin.

novosail impregnate you rug

Finally, the rugs are rinsed and the waterproofing agent is added

novosail dry your rug

The cleaned rugs are then air dried. We refrain from the use of machine drying for the full drying period. This saves energy and protects not only the material of horse rugs, but also the environment. We briefly do increased the temperature at the end of the drying cycle to 40 degrees to activate the water proofing agent.

novosail will repair you rug if needed

We can undertake repair work, our experienced professionals do it quickly and cheaply, before the rugs are return.

Your rug is returned from Novosail

We then return cleaned, dried and if desired repaired rugs to you promptly.